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Investment Focus

Profit from Experience

F&M is focused globally and will review projects on their technical merit and potential regardless of where they are located.

We seek opportunities where we can unlock significant value by increasing exploration, proving up resources, moving projects through development into production, and asset turnarounds.

Corporate situation may include:

  • Greenfield development
  • Turn-around situations where management change / business model evolution will serve as an obvious potential catalyst to improve the company’s near term prospects
  • Potential IPO's where F&M is generally the lead investor group and involved in leading the next stage of the corporate evolution
  • Spun-out / carved-out project opportunities where asset value can be achieved by separating it from others and applying a dedicated development strategy

Target sectors include:

  • Agriculture (both agriculture input and output projects)
  • Energy (coal, uranium, oil and gas)
  • Precious Metals
  • Base Metals
  • Ferrous & Associated Metals
  • Technology