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  • Global Leader
    in the Resource Sectors

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Welcome to

Forbes & Manhattan

Who We Are

Forbes & Manhattan is a leading private merchant bank with a global focus on the resource-based sector, Agriculture, Technology and Telecommunications. F&M is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices, operations and assets across the globe.

Exceptional People,
Exceptional Projects

Forbes & Manhattan provides its clients with a depth of financial, technical, legal and investor relations expertise in house and is able to advance its group of portfolio companies to unlock shareholder value. F&M has a successful track record of identifying high quality assets and advancing them from discovery through to production.

Global Leader in the
Resource Sectors

F&M incubates, finances and manages junior resource companies and creates shareholder value by combining world-class assets with top-notch management, access to capital and investor and marketing support. We have a proven track record of identifying assets that have often struggled under other management and advanced these assets from discovery through to production. Our goal is to unlock the value in resource assets over a 3 to 6 year time horizon.

F&M at a Glance

What We Do

  • F&M actively invests in companies with various sectors that have high growth potential
  • F&M adds capital, talent, strategy and market know how to permanently strengthen companies and increase their value


  • F&M’s objective is to achieve superior performance for shareholders through active management, advances and developing of projects

First Class Team

  • F&M’s first class team of specialists have a proven history of developing and often selling companies and projects
  • F&M also has an unparalleled ability to raise capital for projects

Unique and Proven Model

  • F&M’s provides companies with technical and financial depth
  • Through F&M, these companies have access to a world-class global network of political leaders, industry experts, as well as technical and financial experts

Risk Mitigation Through Active Management

  • Developing new businesses is inherently risky, however, F&M’s active management approach aims to mitigate risk through hands-on involvement, technical experts, skilled operators, and a well-connected international advisory board with deep running experience in emerging markets

Global Footprint

Feature Videos

Our Breadth of Success Stories

Highlighting some of the success stories of the global resource focused merchant bank - Forbes & Manhattan. Includes Cleveland-Cliffs (formerly Consolidated Thompson), Belo Sun, Endeavour Mining (formerly Avion Gold) and interviews with many mining CEOs, Larry King, Pierre Pettigrew and many others.

Stan Bharti Speech to
Laurentian Engineering Students

Stan Bharti, Founder and Chairman of Forbes & Manhattan was unable to attend an event for undergraduate engineering students at Laurentian's Bharti School of Engineering so he created this video address.